Who am I? 

Hello, my name is Abigail Little or as most people call me Abbie. I love adventure, traveling, nature, the mountains, the beach, thrill-seeking, Spanish, health and fitness. I’m originally from a small ski town in the mountains of Colorado called Grand Lake. I love to gain new perspectives and live in a different culture, which has led my decisions to live and travel overseas and how I ended up in the land Down Under.

I've had incomparable opportunities at Auburn University along with an outstanding education. During my undergraduate, I spent one year living and studying in Chile, two months volunteering in Honduras and 10 weeks interning in Spain. I’ve grown and changed incredibly as a person and become more diligent, independent and open-minded.

After graduating I wanted to do something outside the norm. I thought of no better way to do this than to buy a one-way ticket to Australia. I purchased the cheapest flight and that brought me to Sydney. I accepted a position at a finance company working as an office administrator while also helping the marketing and public relations team with specific tasks.

I’m currently living in the Gold Coast, Queensland. I’m looking to gain perspective and insight into the global market here and expand my knowledge and experience.


I chose to study public relations because it's a career path that will open unlimited doors. I'm passionate about building connections with people and finding creative new solutions.

If you should know one thing about me, I make things happen. Nothing in my life has come easily to me. Everything I've accomplished I’ve worked hard for. I don't give up easy once I've set my mind to something and nothing can deter me from achieving my goals.

Traveling and being placed outside of your comfort zone is where you grow the most. I live my life by the philosophy that traveling is the only thing you can buy that will make you richer. This has guided my decision to travel, not the leisurely type, but traveling where you immerse yourself in a culture of people, with different beliefs, where you can learn new things and have a community pour into your life. My views, my motivation and my creativity have been radically changed by my adventures. I don’t seek out to live a boring life. There is nothing I love more than meeting and learning about new people and deepening relationships that have already been established.

Why Spanish?

With most things in life, if you don’t find a purpose in it, you don’t have a motivation that drives you. That was the case for me with the Spanish language.

Oddly enough Spanish was never my strong suit. I struggled deeply with learning it. Like most people, I was ignorant and didn’t see a purpose in learning Spanish. It wasn’t until I went to Argentina to visit my friend when I had a change of heart. I was in a situation where no one but myself and my friend spoke English. I couldn’t communicate to her family, only surface level, with my friend translating almost everything. I had never been so frustrated in my life. Talking and connecting with people is something I love to do and not being able to do that was difficult. After my trip to Argentina, I was determined to learn Spanish no matter how hard it would be.

I fell in love with the Spanish language and the beautiful culture, studying the language and traveling to every Spanish speaking country possible, until I was fluent.

Five years later I returned to Argentina and stayed with my friend's family again. This time I could communicate with my friend, her family and friends. I had never felt so accomplished in my life. It was a feeling I cannot explain. It was unbelievable to have known someone, but never communicated with them. Then five years later being able to sit down and have a conversation with them. It was surreal. 

Things I love