Animated GIf

I created this animated Gif to complement my campaign "Color the World with PepsiCo." I wanted to create something that could visually show what the world would look like without color. When I thought of a colorless world, I envisioned the world with dead flowers, ugly landscapes and dried up rivers. I drew this GIF in hopes that people would think about how we impact the world with our decisions and that our poor decisions could create a colorless world. 

Background Image

Color The World Campaign

For my Public Relations Campaign course at Auburn University, my team and I created "Color the World with PepsiCo." Our mission is to re-color the world by saving the environment through recycling and sustainability efforts. The purpose of this campaign is to penetrate PepsiCo’s existing CSR initiative, Performance with Purpose, by implementing recycling efforts for PepsiCo’s product packaging. To read more about this campaign click here.