Work Experience

Work Experience

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July 2017 - Present

 J.R. Huston Consulting, LLC
Online Marketing Advisor and Public Relations Specialist

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I work on a casual basis online as a marketing advisor and public relations specialist for J.R. Huston Consulting. J.R. Huston Consulting is a Green Industry specific management consulting company based in the USA and Canada. They serve the needs of landscape, tree service and irrigation contractors, related associations, manufacturers and vendors.

In this role, I design flyers, newsletters and webpages. I assist with the website design and maintenance of I help edit and review feature writings. I create and analysis survey research for the specific market and promote the business to clients and prospective clients.I engage in social media presence creation on new and emerging social media platforms.

October 2017 - April 2018
Sydney, Australia

Yellow Brick Road
Administrative Assistant

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I worked as an office administrator while also helping the marketing and public relations team with specific tasks. In this role, I met and greeted clients for all above tenancies as well as SCM Equities, managed the switchboard for numerous companies and provided general administrative and clerical support with any admin duties form all tenancies. I provided administrative support for the sales team and assist in the delivery of marketing activities by preparing quotes, updating social media accounts, maintaining the website for Vow Voice and assisted with any written, graphic and video content.

September 2016 - July 2017
Auburn, Alabama

Harrison School of Pharmacy
Marketing & Communication Assistant

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In this position, I wrote featured and news stories, press releases and content articles weekly in AP style. I captured photographs for special events, website content and interviews, then I edited them through Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. I produced and created dynamic written, graphic and video content for short films and other projects through Adobe Premiere. I designed stickers, posters, flyers and web pages through Adobe Indesign, Photoshop and Dreamweaver. I also helped with researching new marketing ideas for recruiting students.

MAY 2016 - JULY 2016

  Mixtropy (Content Marketing Firm)
Social Media & Marketing Intern

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I spent my summer in Madrid, Spain, interning at Mixtropy a content marketing company. I was a marketing and social media intern. Most of my time was put into research for companies and clients within Spain primarily, the city of Madrid. From the information I gathered, it helped them with event planning and gathering information for future purposes. I spent my time analyzing and observing different subjects until a new event, demand or a crisis occured. I primarily did research on clients to find the most information for any event that may occur.

For around two to three hours a day, I managed Mixtropy's social media accounts and their clients social media accounts. We primarily used Twitter, Google+, Linkedin and Wordpress. The social media accounts were to promote each client, their events and their articles. We planned two events during my internship. I primarily worked on the promotion part of each event on social media accounts and contacting people to attend. We planned two professional meetups and a networking event on May 26th and July 6th. 

I worked over 200 hours over the duration of 10 weeks. Along with my other responsibilities, I did all of my work and communicated in only Spanish. We wrote all of our press releases in Spanish and if needed, I had the responsibility to translate them into English. I also read over documents in English and presented them in Spanish.

January 2014 - January 2015
Auburn, Alabama

 Auburn Abroad
Student Advisor
Social Media Manager

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In this position, I presented at study abroad fairs, orientation sessions and Camp War Eagle. I performed administrative duties with Microsoft Excel, Outlook, Word and Powerpoint. I helped organize specialized projects for international students. I served on the leadership board of Global Tiger. I planned and programmed workshops and coordinated student events. I presented weekly in front of Auburn students for study abroad sessions and I shared my study abroad experiences in front of 300 people. I was also the social media manager for Auburn Abroad. I posted daily to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and weekly to Pinterest and YouTube. To receive this position, the student must have studied abroad and be passionate about it to encourage others to study abroad.

January 2016- May 2016

CEA Study Abroad
Alumni Ambassador

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The Alumni Ambassador program is a way to bridge your experiences overseas and to your university. It's a career developing opportunity to share your experience with peers, your university and the study abroad community. In this position, I helped promote CEA Study Abroad on Auburn Universities campus. I gave presentations and announcements in classrooms, Greek life, student organizations and residence halls. I also managed and promoted CEA Study Abroad through social media (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn).

January 2014 - January 2015
Auburn, Alabama

 Auburn Outdoors
Climbing Wall Supervisor
& Resource Attendant

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As a climbing wall attendant, I was responsible for actively supervising bouldering, top-rope climbing and lead climbing at the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center. I was responsible for instructing members on the safe and effective use of the facility and personal protective equipment. I also managed the check-in desk, equipment, cleans the climbing area and assisted with inventory and maintenance. I had a focus on managing risk, customer service, and member safety.

As a rental center attendant, I was responsible for assisting members with outdoor recreational equipment. I was knowledgeable on how equipment items function, intended uses, maintenance and demonstrate quality instruction to members renting equipment. I was responsible for being knowledgeable of local and regional areas to camp, paddle, hike, climb and cycle. I also oversaw the open stand time of the bicycle shop. I possessed basic bicycle riding and maintenance skills and I assist members in registering for the most appropriate trip for their desired trip goals, skill level and personal fitness level.