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Why you Should Travel to Chile

I designed this infographic to show six reasons to go travel to Chile. I lived in Chile for a year and got to experience all the beauty of it. Though there are millions of reason why you should go to Chile, I narrowed it down to the top six reason.

You should travel to Chile to see the beautiful beaches that border the country. It’s a surfer's paradise. Chile is home to the driest desert in the world, with incredible landscapes that resemble Mars. The Andes Mountains border the other side of the country, where you can ski, hike and enjoy the wonderful views. Chile is home to the friendliest people you will ever met. The country is full of avocados or as they call them “paltas.” It’s hard to not find avocados when you're in Chile. The wine in Chile is amazing and it’s so cheap. A typical bottle you would buy in the U.S for $30 is $10 in Chile.

Molten Chocolate Lava Cake

Molten chocolate lava cake is one of my favorite desserts. The warm, gooey chocolate just warms my heart. I made this infographic to show how to make it so you can share one with others or keep it all to yourself. I got this recipe and pictures from Katya Simkhovich online at Spoon University.

I narrowed the recipe down to five steps for the purpose of the infographic. The steps are simple and there are photographs to help you make your very own molten chocolate lava cake.