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My Personal Logo

For my Style and Design Class, I created a logo for myself and my website. I wanted to design a logo that was creative and something that resembled my personality. I chose to design my logo with lots of colors because I wanted it to be visually appealing. I love the beauty of the outdoors and nature so I added flowers to my name.  


L.T.C Life Coaching Logo

I designed this logo for L.T.C  Life Coaching, which stands for Life Purpose, Transition and Career. I wanted to have a visual representation of growth and how you change once you have life coaching. I thought a unique way to do that would be to illustrate a small tree growing into a full beautiful tree. I also made the colors cool colors to resemble trust.

Helping Hands Logo

This logo was designed for a non-profit organization called New Harvest Helping Hands. Their motto is to lend a hand up to those in need. Helping Hands is an organization whose desire is to help the lives of other and meet their needs in a spiritual, financial or mental way. I designed this logo to visually represent what they do as an organization, leading a hand up to those in need.


PepsiCo Logo

For my PR campaigns course, we created a campaign for PepsiCo to correlate with their CSR initiative for sustainability. Our campaign is called “Color the World with PepsiCo.” PepsiCo's mission is to re-color the world by saving the environment through recycling and sustainability efforts. The purpose of this campaign is to implementing recycling efforts for PepsiCo’s product packaging and motivate consumer behavior.

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